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The rockets players in the first place
Posted On 01/10/2018 02:53:08 by loyaty

On January 7, 2018, the 2017-18 season continued with the NBA regular season, with the Houston rockets challenging the Detroit pistons. After the game, the rockets 101-108 lost to the pistons.

After the game, the rockets players LOLGA in the first place when it comes to the play of the ball, head coach mike d 'antoni for the team to play on the defensive end, "I don't know if everyone is tired, because the ball, even if we start to feel is very good, also only lead 6 points."

"We didn't get the intensity we needed, of course, sometimes it was because we were tired, but we had to regroup and prepare for the next game... In some cases, our opponents run faster than us, and their defenses are faster than ours. "D 'antoni quips.

Ariza also commented on the defense issue. "we made a lot of mistakes on the defensive end, we didn't communicate... We can go back and train for the bad things we did in combat... But the most important thing is communication... The good thing is, I still have time, we'll keep trying, we'll be okay.

Paul thinks, "defense, our defense (wrong), for us, it is very obvious, we should play better on the defensive end, we got the enough points, but we should be more confident on the defensive side of things... We need a better start, and it's my responsibility... Let's see what we can do in Chicago. 'said Paul.


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