Subject: The Oakley Sliver
Content: <br /><br />The mid-tier retailer sent out the news in an email blast to customers <a href="">cheap oakley sunglasses outlet</a> this weekend that Oakley and Ray-Ban are now available at Kohl’s.<br /><br />The Oakley Sliver, which is being launched exclusively by Luxottica Group in travel retail, is a sleek, lightweight model <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses outlet</a> with 100% UV protection. It will be available in both global-fit and Asian-fit formats and features a colour combination frame with Prizm sapphire iridium lens technology.<br /><br />Oakley and Intel’s Radar Pace training sunglasses, which were introduced at CES last year, are now available to buy. The sunglasses come with <a href="">Oakley Sport Sunglasses outlet</a> built-in earbuds that allow the sunglasses to respond to voice commands. You can ask how far you’ve traveled and your pace, and your voice assistant "coach" will respond along with encouragement to keep going. The sunglasses are also outfitted with a bunch of sensors, including an accelerometer and gyroscope. They can also apparently detect pressure, humidity, and proximity. The gradient on the sunglasses’ lens is called "Prizm Road." I enjoy it. It reminds me of Word art or PowerPoint slides.<br /><br />It’s pretty rare nowadays to roll up to a bunch ride or race and not see someone wearing Oakley sunglasses. Between the <a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a> Radar, Radarlock (and XL), Radar EV and Jawbreakers, Oakley frames are donned by a huge number of cyclists around the world.<br /><br />You can pick it up from <a href=""></a>