Subject: Ultrafine Mill is Creating Benefits for Many Custo
Content: Ultrafine grinding mill is a new type of grinding equipment which has been developed by many years of research and experiment of the company, using many traditional and new grinding technology inside and outside. The Ultrafine Mill with its high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, dust pollution, easy adjustment, easy product fineness wear-resistant parts consumption, simple structure, low failure rate, small occupation area, low cost and many other advantages, is used for energy, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mines, refractories and other industries. Flour mill products have won many families. The ultrafine grinding mill with the advanced principle, special grinding material layer structure design, successfully solved the traditional mill production capacity of small, high power consumption, heavy dust, noise and short service life of wearing parts, many defects of higher failure rate, so as to promote the rapid development of our mill industry. Ultra fine grinding has been widely used in many provinces and autonomous regions, especially in coal, mining, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement and other industries. It has created great economic benefits for customers, and has obvious advantages in application: 1. Large output power consumption the machine is low, the material layer and the grinding principle of multi wheel powder selection principle, ensures the machine in power consumption lower than Raymond mill and other equipment to achieve twice as high yield and high fineness of grinding, uniform particle size. 2. The quality of the powder finished product is very good, the impurity is little, and the purity is good. Because the Ultrafine grinding mill does not contact directly with the grinding roll in the grinding operation, and the wear-resistant parts adopt the high alloy wear resistant material, the wear of the medium is small, and the purity of the finished powder and the stability of the chemical composition are ensured. 3. the machine can fully realize the production without dust and noise. The whole grinding system is working under negative pressure, five dust spills, and there is no metal impact phenomenon in the work, so the noise is very small.