Subject: According to the seed drop in the Log Splitter
Content: The blade of the turf rotary tiller has a sickle knife, a mound knife and a sigmoid knife. The sickle knife Log Splitter is used for the cultivation of the general bed, and when the weeds or creeping roots are plowed, the weeds or creeping roots are easily entangled on the knife, and the mound knife should be used. Mound blade width, the direction of work and sickle knife opposite, not easily weeds wrapped around, but the machine power consumption and knife wear. S-shaped knife is a mound with a long curved end of the knife, but the number of knives less than the mound knife. 3. Loose machine due to the plow of the broken soil performance is limited, in the plow with the plowing of the land, the need for further loose soil operations. The projectile is a tractor that is towed by a tractor and consists of a frame and a pile of plow for the crushed soil and loosened on the rack. Operating width of 1.2 ~ 8m, with the attached tractor power varies. Second, planting and transplanting machinery (A) sowing machinery 1. According to the seed drop in the form of sub-spreaders and spreaders. On-demand machine Log Splitter -  refers to the seeds or fertilizer particles to achieve the weight of their own sowing, also known as drop-type spreader. This machine is suitable for small area of ??the replenishment. The sowing machine refers to the centrifugal force of the star - type turntable to spread the seeds to the surroundings. The amount of dispensing is adjusted by the size of the hopper at the bottom of the hopper. The distance of the throw depends on the speed of the turntable.