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Blog Entry: Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company to Launch a 750MW Solar Power Project Three entities viz. Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Limited(MPPM)  Drew Hutchison Jersey  , Delhhi Metro Rail Corporation(DMRC) and International Finance Corporation(IFC) have come together to announce a tender for a 3 X 250 MW solar project in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. MPPM, which holds all power distribution companies in the state of Madhya Pradesh, will buy most of the power generated by the proposed project, but quite interestingly DMRC will benefit around 363 million units of power per year from the proposed project  Dave Parker Jersey  , through an open access route. Major Highlights (1) Largest long-term procurement of open access solar power by a bulk power consumer in India heralding the case for economic viability of solar power (2) Attractive opportunity for large international developers because of its large size and ready solar park infrastructure availability (3) Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to benefit from a surge in open access power procurement because of high irradiation and relatively easy availability of land The Rewa project has been under development since 2013. It was to be developed by Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI) and was to be concessional funded by the World Bank with some participation from the private developers and minority shareholders. However the project structure needed be completely revamped as the World Bank’s conditions for funding were highly onerous and due to some lack of interest from the private developers for minority share holders. Now a joint venture between SECI and Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited (MPUVN) will take over the providing of the solar park infrastructure for the project. And the rest will be taken care of by the World Bank like Providing the finance for internal substation and transmission lines. The tender lays down a time window of 18 months for the commissioning of the project from the date of signing of the power purchase agreements(PPA). If the PPA is signed by December 2016, these projects can be expected to be commissioned by mid 2018 According to our understanding Delhi Metro will bear all the cost and risk associated with open access use of power and provide a demand forecast for the day ahead. So each project will require to prepare a forecast of the availability for every 15 minutes time, which will take into account the amount of energy required by DMRC and prepare a matching schedule in coordination with MPPM. Once Commissioned Rewa Solar Power project will be very attractive to the large international developers because of its sheer size and ready solar park infrastructure availability. So with waiving off of interstate transmission charges for the solar power by the central government, states such as Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, that have high irradiation and lots of wastelands are likely to attract a large part of these new investments. Combining Creativity And Educators Larry Audet Combining Creativity And Educators Larry Audet September 26  Bill Mazeroski Jersey  , 2015 | Author: Dorthy Lloyd | Posted in Education If there is one thing that most people need aside from eating and the need to sleep, it is education. You do not have to pass and have good grades for you to be successful in life. Even those who were not able to finish a degree became more successful compared to others. There is just a need for you to know about the basics more and how things work so that you are properly equipped when you go out in the real world. Learning can be done in various ways. But it is usually done through the help of an effective teacher. Those who want to teach are trained first before they can do so. Through the training, there are several skills and knowledge that they can gain through this. But if you dream of teaching the right way and to make the lessons more effective, you should follow creativity and educators Larry Audet method. Creativity should be a requirement for every educator. This is a necessity since it is the one that keeps things more interesting. This can also mean that the classrooms are livelier if lessons are more interesting compared to dull lessons. If you are going to teach children, you need to remember that it is important for you to hold their attention. If this is not something that you can do  Barry Bonds Jersey  , they would surely not learn a thing. For them to be interested, you have to make it entertaining for them as well. Through using various techniques that are not common, you can introduce lessons in a more approachable way. It is true that the skill is very important. But if you are good at thinking about something that might work, there are no limits to what you can teach and what they can learn. This is the ultimate goal of most educators. Aside from, you will also know when it is right to apply a certain skill and which particular technique to use if you have this. There are several benefits to ensuring that things are creative enough. This can also help bring out the creativity that a child has. This is very useful in the future so the teacher should do his best to bring out how creative a child can be. When someone presents his idea  Andrew McCutchen Jersey  , there are also people who have a different stand on things. Because of the creativeness of a particular person several ideas might surface. The differences can be a good source of discussion among the studies. And these things usually lead to better communication among all of them. Technology can be used as an aid. Through the help of this particular factor, it would be easier for you to plan for more creative lessons and they can participate in this as well. Since these days most of the kids are into technological gadgets and devices, you can easily capture their interest and relate to them as well. 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