Title: The most direct manifestation
Blog Entry: The most direct manifestation is the 32nd minute of the first half match, the opponent counterattack Arsenal defense station rotation, Mertesacker from the right midfielder position over the defense directly after the opponent turned away, Ospina can only In the case of  Buy FIFA 18 Coins  open defense portal staged a wonderful fight. Mertesacker opponent speed impact, Holden, Debussy defensive fury has sent points, Arsenal play on the defensive end can be called a disaster. However, Arsene Wenger has repeatedly stressed that he has no intention of competing in the European Cup, has reached the semi-finals of the League Cup to become the team League competition four goals under the most promising competition championship. However, in the League Cup semi-finals need to face the rival Chelsea and once the cut-off will be a big game against Manchester City, Wenger dared to attack with the second team it? The answer is most likely negative